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Hi, my name is Dana.   I’m a mother, wife, sister, daughter and friend dedicated to the love and growth of humankind. 
I love personal growth work. It is truly one of my greatest passions.  I am a certified facilitator and life coach.  After attending a COR workshop in 2015, I had found my home.  From that moment, I stepped into my journey as a seeker and spreader of transformational healing.   My mission is to be a conduit of healing for all humans that are willing to dive deep into their own growth.  
I am a lover of family, beautiful spaces, people, feelings, and talking about feelings.  I am most proud of raising 3 beautiful children for the past 19 years and my dedication to our 21-year marriage.  These will always be the foundations of why I spread this work.
I am invested in my own healing and growth.  I continue to gain experience through extensive training in group dynamics, mindfulness, breath work, meditation and spiritual counseling. I lead a monthly women’s circle in my home and have a coach to support my own growth.  
My strength is creating a warm, loving container of safety for my clients. I connect them back to their essential goodness, and I truly believe all things can heal in love.

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