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I’ve been on my journey home to myself for a few years now – working to heal my trauma and unlearn harmful coping mechanisms and patterns. Dana has been with me every step of the way. From teaching me the foundations of mindfulness to help manage anxiety, to diving into my deepest wounds and how they come out in my relationships, she has been a constant North Star of unconditional love. She is more than a life coach – she’s a healer, a soul mother, a light when I’m lost and not sure where to turn, and the gentle push we all need to keep going on our journey.

Jessica Flynn

Having Dana as my Coach is a blessing and I am so grateful for every time we meet.  Each time she does a presencing she brings a sense of calming and relief; before we even talk! She is always actively listening to each word I say, and has a way of uncovering what is true..  She is supportive, kind, brilliant, and most importantly,  able to find the most magnificent ways for me to progress towards being healthy and happy in all parts of life!

Victoria Scott

 I've had the opportunity to work with Dana and she has been such a big encouragement to me.  Her sound wisdom and authenticity is so present.  After talking with her, I feel complete, heard and given a new insight into whatever I needed at that time. She has such wisdom, compassion and really sees the gold in me.   I never feel like I’m too much or judged by what I share with her. She is such an awesome soul to work with and be loved by. So thankful for her.

Shay Michaud

I have been doing weekly coaching sessions with Dana for nearly 8 months now and i cannot tell you how much i have benifited from our time together. Her gentle, caring coaching style was exactly what I needed to reignite my personal growth journey. I can tell you whole-heartedly that a few sessions with Dana has been more insightful than some of my past years of therapy.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking to “become the best version of themselves”.


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